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Apr. 24th, 2011



This Week in Awesome

Tonight: ARRRRR! Toiny Ninja Poirates set sail on Justice.

Monday Night: Y'all should wrap up your Admiral Sutter TF while it's the Weekly Strike Target. Who all was in that when you started?

Tuesday Night: The next WST will be... the level 24-33 Respec Trials! (dun dun dunnnnnn!) We should be able to tackle this and finish in one night, don'tcha think? Also, how about let's consider all the servers where we all have eligible toons. I could do this anywhere except Freedom, Triumph, or Victory. I really wouldn't mind giving it a go on Infinity & dusting off my main Deuco.

Apr. 11th, 2011



possumism: "deucing"

This verb, which means "to leech XP by steadfastly guarding the mission door," was born on ventrilo shortly after I revealed the real-life origin of Deuco's name. To wit:Collapse )

Now, in Deuco's early days, his SGmates were much higher levels than he was. Of course this was long before the advent of super-SK, when you could be the sidekick of somebody up to four levels below the mission's. My SGmates were trying to be helpful by arranging a big level discrepancy where possible, to get me sweet sweet PLs and such. I found I could still contribute usefully with Kin buffs, but the puny damage I did when I managed to hit purple targets wasn't really worth the endurance it cost me trying to hit them. So I contented myself with just buffing in that situation, though honestly I preferred being able to hit stuff too. So I felt a bit guilty getting PLed like that, but I was amused by way the leech connection cropped up again.

Not long after hearing this whole story, archmage verbed the word "deuce" in my honor. I continue to find it precisely as funny as I found it that day.


the week's adventures

due to scheduling conflicts, we'll just meet at our regular time and decide on plans for the night.

- wrapping up the last mission of THE SKY IS FALLING/admiral sutter task force with avantard, cobie, foomf, itnet1, snobahr, ^ shadowbat ^ over on virtue.

- if we could get together at 10 PM/1030 PM eastern (7 PM/730 PM pacific), we could hopefully bang this out in time for when the others who weren't in the tf show up for the night

- some things to remember about this last bastard of a mission:

: during the big fight with fusion and jane temblor (which will no doubt have to be repeated), concentrating on one target at a time seemed to be the best tactic. granted, i don't remember who we started with for sure last time (i think it was fusion).

: during the fight with the durays, watch out for the air strike chevrons on the ground. one of the two will teleport away like a little bitch but i think the same tactic of concentrating on one will work fine here as well. do note that the air strike may still hit you despite being under the collapsed elevated highways but also note that there is a combat medic down there who sells inspirations, as well.

- if all goes according to plan and we get this done by 11 or 1130 (8 or 830), then maybe we can start in on the ITF and grab the WST bennies while they're still good. if we don't think we can get that done in one night, we can start in on the next WST early: sister psyche.

- sister psyche tf (either continuation from monday or to be continued the following monday)

- full moon sunday means lycantech sunday! bring yer wolvie selves out (guardian, redside)!


Mar. 31st, 2011



Issue 20: Incarnates

I wet myself a little when I saw the Sky Raiders floating fortress:


This content sounds so, so fun! Cant' wait to try out BOTH sides of it.



screenshot in the hand

during a harrowing run with o.g. team awesome (virtue) in oranbega one night (very likely during the envoy of shadows arc), it was suggested by matt that we take a break from fighting the circle of thorns to pose for a team shot in one of the giant stone hands that made up the local scenery dressing. either we didn't clear out the room completely or we weren't aware that there was an ambush en route but this led to a particularly disastrous and epic team wipe.

we were all so preoccupied in positioning our respective cameras and positioning our heroes for that screencap with emotes and whatnot that we didn't notice the horde of thorns descending upon us all until it was much too late. it was notoriously bad. these days, the mid-mission suggestion for a "screenshot in the hand" is often made out of pure irony and also because it was so disastrously a team wipe fiasco that it was, in retrospect, pretty damn funny.


ITF, take 2?

given that the upcoming weekly strike target is the ITF once again, do you guys want to try it again for the next tattoo (and possibly the following ammo)? but this time, with a different team build?

ITF details below:

Time's Arrow (Imperious/Cimmerora)
min teamsize: 6
level range: 35 to 50
total missions: 3
awards: temporal strife badge, wst goodies

our last team roster included:

@avantard: darkturus (peacebringer)
@cobie: geoglyph (earth control/empathy controller)
@deuco: sally mannder (fiery aura/fire melee tank)
@foomf: maneraq (ice blast/ice manipulation blaster)
@itnet1: foolish-it (willpower/dual blades tank)
@like an animal: gorilla boy joe (scrapper)
@v shadowbat v: shadowbat (scrapper)

(help me out with some of the details here, boys.)

now, how can we improve this team build? more debuff? more damage? max the team size to 8?


sunday sunday sunday

just a quick reminder for folks who don't habitually visit the calendar, as there are a couple things going on this weekend:

sunday april 3
6 PM, eastern

mothership raid - virtue
(hosted by the cape radio)

11 PM, eastern
tiny ninja pirates - justice

do note that the mothership raid is a great source of your daily vitamins and minerals vanguard merits as well as the occasional incarnate shard drop. so, if you're working on your vary rare alpha slot boost, this may be up your alley.

also, @itnet1 and @deuco will not be around for the TNP run but everyone is still encouraged to show if they can.

Mar. 28th, 2011

Sally Mannder, CoH: Sally Mannder


AMMO tonight: Manticore Part I

How about let's start the Manticore TF on Virtue tonight, so we can finish it tomorrow night and get the shinies? Thoughts? Objections? Counterproposals?

Mar. 26th, 2011

MMORPG-Micro Medbot


Just so's ya'll know...

I seem to have fallen into SuperLeader of Eponymous (on Fweedum). Sno Bahr is only lvl 12 currently, but I'm going to start grinding her up (in SG mode), so we can drop in transporters to the various zones. My priority right now is to get the beacons opened so we can get there. So far, we have Pocket D, Atlas Park and Steel Canyon available... just no teleporter thingies.

Because when all else fails, one can find a PUG on fweedum.


Ahoy Mates! New Adventures Await!

a message from our most esteemed cap'n of ye tiny ninja pirates:

Ancient treasure map written in doodleglyphics roughly translates to:

Tiny Ninja Pirates – New Moons and Last Sundays – 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific.

Avast ye landlubbers! Heave-to and listen up!

It’s come to me attention that the Tiny Ninja Pirate crew be pinin’ fer more high adventure than the New Moon be providin’. So to stave off a full-on mutiny, the SS TNP will be settin’ sail on the last Sunday of every month, as well as each New Moon. Arrrr! We be doublin’ our quests for adventure and riches!

Ye best be keepin’ these here dates handy so you don’t miss out on the voyage. We raise anchor on Justice at 11 EST/8 PST so don’t be left ashore, sobbin’ in yer mug o’ rum! Arrrrr!

April 3 & 24
May 3 & 29
June 1 & 26
July 1 & 31
August 28 & 29
September 25 & 27
October 26 & 30
November 25 & 27
December 24 & 25 ARRRR


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